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"Heroes" Concealment Flag

SKU 5d9bda1b6f321
RFID Lock UPgrade

Available in four different sizes to fit your needs.  Offers secure and reliable storage for your firearms and valuables with a Kaizen closed-cell foam liner. We do provide you with the option to upgrade to electronic RFID locks, which make your gun concealment case even more secure.  Standard lock uses a magnetic key.

Each of our wooden flags is manufactured using high-quality parts in Southwest Missouri. We take pride in this fact because we know it means our flags are the most durable and reliable on the market.  Every piece in this collaboration is hand crafted to Ryan's exacting requirements of the perfect fit and finish .  


Small Single and Dual Compartment

Exterior 31" x 20"x3.5"


Upper 13" x 10"

Lower 28.5"x7.75"


Large Dual and Triple Compartment

Exterior 39"x26"x4.25"

Upper Left


Upper Right 

13.25" x 21"