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I'm Your Huckleberry Hidden gun storage sign

SKU 5de8003048795
RFID lock Upgrade

This piece of concealment wall art harkens back to the famous line “I’m your huckleberry,” delivered by Doc Holliday, in the iconic 1993 movie Tombstone. Its design features a portrait of Doc Holliday alongside the words “I’m your huckleberry” on a distressed white background. 

As with all of our concealment decor, this one features a lockable hidden safe lined with Kaizen closed-cell foam that can be customized to fit things like small firearms, knives, and other valuables. 

All of our gun storage signs are made and finished by hand in our Southern Missouri facility, using materials sourced from the United States whenever possible,


Exterior 31.5"x20"x3.5"

Interior 28.5"x11"x1.75"