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Level IIIA LW (Steel) 10" x 12" Curved Build Up

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Hand Orientation
Paxcon Coating

The AR500 Armor® Level IIIA lightweight steel armor is designed as a lightweight hard-armor alternative to traditional soft-armor options. If you’re looking for a thin, ultra-concealable solution to Level IIIA threats, this plate merits serious consideration.

Ultra-thin small-caliber protection

At .20” thickness, it's thinner than most ballistic soft armor of the same rating and offers reduced blunt force trauma compared to soft armor. Comes standard with our proprietary FragLock™ spall and fragmentation buildup coat and weighs less than 5 pounds.


  • Rugged: Impervious to the environment due to our military-grade FragLock™ coating
  • Tough: Multi-hit capable, stand-alone Level IIIA handgun protection
  • Protective: Also stab and slash-resistant, unlike many soft-armor ballistic vests 
  • Ergonomic: Utilizes our patented Advanced Shooters Cut for comfort and mobility
  • Durable: Maintenance-free, 20-year shelf life
  • American Made: 100% made in the USA