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Molon Labe Mini Gun Storage Sign

SKU 5de80224c00c8
RFID Lock Upgrde

Molon Labe, which means “Come and take them” in Greek, was initially understood to be used as an act of defiance by King Leonidas of Sparta against Xerxes before the Battle of Thermopylae. Today, it’s used as a source of inspiration for all who are passionate about protecting each American’s right to bear arms. Our mini Molon Labe wall art features the phrase prominently in its design and the image of a Spartan warrior.

As with all of our gun storage wall decor, this one features a small hidden safe lined with Kaizen closed-cell foam that can be customized to store your favorite handguns and accessories. RFID lock upgrades are also available for those looking for more secure storage. 

Each piece you buy from Liberty Home Concealment is hand made and finished in our Southern Missouri facility, using materials sourced from the United States whenever possible. 



Ext. 24" x 13" x 3.5" 

Int. 21.75" x 11.25" x 1.75"