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Small Single Compartment Concealment Flag with Logo

SKU 5de80335616b4
RFID Lock Upgrade

This small gun concealment flag features a single hidden compartment and a wide variety of unique designs and styles. Each design features some version of the American flag on one half with various logos on the other that represent various branches of the armed forces, among other things. This flag is perfect for those who have or are currently bravely serving in the military, but we also have other unique designs that feature things like the Punisher logo or a Christian cross paired with the American flag.

As with all of our wooden gun concealment cases, high-quality magnetic locks are standard but you have the option to upgrade to an even more secure digital RFID lock. Each one has a single hidden compartment lined with Kaizen closed-cell foam and is manufactured and finished by hand at our facilities in Norwood, Missouri.


Exterior 31" x 20"

Interior 13" x 10"