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This House is Protected Hidden Gun Storage Sign

SKU 5de8036bbd5da
RFID lock upgrade

Our “This House is Protected by the Good Lord and a Gun” wood sign is for those who take pride in their faith and firearms. It features a distressed, farmhouse-style design that is sure to fit nicely, wherever you decide to place it in your home. 

This concealment sign features a lockable hidden compartment lined with Kaizen closed-cell foam, which can be customized depending on what you’re looking to securely store, whether it’s a gun, jewelry, or some other valuable item. 

We’re proud to say that the “This House is Protected” sign is made and finished by hand right here in the USA, using US sourced materials when available. 

If you’re looking for something more unique, we can create custom designs upon request. 


Exterior 31.5"x20"x3.5"

Interior 28.5"x11"x1.75"